the problem.

jimi hendrix was and is a well known and loved artists but often gets misunderstood.

the brief.

design an html website with css, jquery, and java in tribute to the deceased artist jimi hendrix. implement rich media complements and make use of design fundamentals such as layouts, typography, navigational elements etc.

the solution.

the website voodoo child focusses mainly on the one particular song of jimi hendrix  - voodoo child. thw website is based on voodoo-inspired design and illustration, as well as voodoo cards. a description of the artist is one element of five elements on the website. the others consist of the lyrics of voodoo chile, the meaning of the song and what lead to the creation of the song as well as the second version voodoo child (slight return).

target audience.

anyone with a deeper appreciation of music, especially jimi hendrix fans.

live website


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