the problem.

tristana is a beautiful young werecat was seduced by the powerful dr. pentacle and his tentacles. after breaking free from his bond, tristana begins her mission to grow strong, gain magic skills and seek revenge on her enemy and his tentacles. tristana is based on 19th century mexican literature with some inspiration from the classic tentacle hentai genre.

the brief.

the brief is aimed at the technical fundamentals of game design such as sprites, levels, gaming objectives, etc. design and program an original mobile game.

the solution.

tristana in shadow isles is a 2d side scroller with clear goals and objectives.


tristana has the ability to regenerate health by the turquoise health mushrooms. in the beginning she has almosrt no magic tristana goes through each level she becomes stronger. tristana must defeat all obstacles set out for her by dr. pentacle until she is strong enough to face him on her own.

target audience.

the game is targeted towards young girls.

  • demonstrate the fundamentals of game design.
  • understand the basics of the game development platform, unity.
  • the game level should be playable for 3 minutes.
  • create a 2d sidescrolling platformer with basic game principles: hero’s, villains, levels, objectives, rewards, etc.
  • ui should include title design, launch screen, menu screen, HUD.

key objectives.


tristana is agile and will always land on her feet. she’s not the fastest cat in town but she can definitely jump the highest. By jumping over dr pentacle’s minions tristana can quickly pass them without hassle. she is a diagnosed haphephobic (fear of being touched) and taught herself magic to push her enemies away from her. by gaining experience tristana learns more magic to move faster and destroy her enemies

hero: tristana.



enemies deal damage to tristana. different enemies and enemies in different states carry different weights of damage.


collect all the potions from each level to open the portal to the next level.


title screen.

game play.