the problem.

a young teenage girl, rose, who can't stop crying, meets a boy in her dad's dentist office. can she stop her tears from flowing and stand a chance to be happy? how can will find out?

the solution.

rose is a simple short animated satirical romantic comedy with over-dramatic emphasized emotions, behaviors and reactions. the deeper meaning of the story is that one can't always understand the deeper meaning of depression and it can't be controlled. as a person who loves a person suffering from depression, you should be there for them and not try to get them to alter their emotional state. give them a tissue and carry on with life as this is just a part of theirs.

the brief.

the aim of the brief was to create a 5 minute short film animation with a proper storyline by using Adobe software such as Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere Pro. The brief allowed for creative freedom throughout the 6 month process that started with character development, storyboard and premise, environment design, film trailer and the final animation.

target audience.

this short film is for anyone who has ever suffered from depression or known someone who has.

character development.

character turn around.

rose walkcycle.

tony walkcycle.

rose runcycle.



the film