the problem.

with 418 unique muscle figures, collectors are struggling to keep record of their muscle collection and struggle to find the super rare muscle still in existence.

the brief.

FAD - "an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short lived; a craze."

design a typographic work that explores the subject of fads. the expectation is to investigate the widest interpretation of the theme from historical, cultural and global perspectives. by looking at envisage of lots of opportunities to draw upon references to different eras, societies, social groups, generations etc.

target audience.

the muscle app is for collectors and enthusiasts of the muscle collection by mattel.

the solution.

i decided to use the fad surrounding m.u.s.c.l.e. ƒigures by mattel. muscle originated from the japanese anime and manga series kinnikuman which lead to the birth of the american version, "millions of small creatures living everywhere" in 1985. with the muscle mobile app, collectors can keep a record of their own muscle ƒigures, locate their missing muscle ƒigures by searching for them on the global muscle map, buy, sell and bid on other muscle users collections.

rare muscle


spray majin.


heavy metal.