the problem.

nathan, a writer sits at a cafe planning the many chapters to his book. he wears a hat lined with tinfoil. as amber walks in nathan's hat is dislodged and things start to become part of the very fantasy he's writing. will he continue in this fantasy or be brought back to reality?

the brief.

the brief was to create a short ƒilm as a class of 13 multimedia students during a period of 8 weeks and a small budget.

the solution.

we created a production company called eezy eez  productions and immediately started to write the story and put word our on social media. i was given the role of special effects and editor. throughout the process of script writing, costume design and other workshops i edited behind the scenes footage for social media.

target audience.

the ƒilm is targeted towards anyone who would like to spend hours thinking about something quite confusing.

the production company.


my role in the film:


during the first part of this project i managed all the video content for the eazy eez social media sites. the first few weeks consisted of meetings and workshops during which myself and graphic designer, monique jenkins, would take photographs and videos. (see videos below). during the shooting of the film and it was all hands on set after which my hard work began. the color grading and editing of the film.


social media videos.

ligthing workshop.

countdown to auditions gif.


makeup workshop.

behind the scenes.


the film.