the problem.

crowne plaza needs to transform from a corporate hotel brand into a brand that suit the needs of young modern business travelers.

the brief.

young business travellers want to connect with other people while traveling. crowne plaza has created co-living spaces, bringing travellers together allowing guests to share their experience with each other. with features such as living kitchens to cook their own meals, cook with each other or cook with a guest chef, or working in one of the many creative rooms where guests can work, brainstorm and create together. the whole crowne plaza experience is created to make sharing among guests and the outside world easy and accessible.

target audience.

young modern business travellers

the solution.

with the crowne plaza app young business travellers create profiles ensuring they receive the most compatible room mate ('roomie) for their stay. with a few quick taps users build a profile. profiles are set up in quick quiz based questions to to make their stay easy. personal preferences selected in profile setup will effect not only in-app features but will also provide a living unit suiting your preferences as well as ensure you have a roomie with the same likes and dislikes e.g. shower vs bath  or feather vs foam will influence their crowne plaza unit; wine vs beer will influence suggested events. after set up guests can see their roomie match ups, organize social events, browse what's happening in and around the hotel, invite each other to events and host dinners together.

launch screen

profile setup

quiz screen




1.london crowne plaza

home screen is your news feed of local crowne plaza events happening during your time of stay at the select crowne hotel.

2.london events

event suggestions curated according to proĆ’ile quiz results in and around hotel location.


search all events in and around your CP through keywords or category searches.

home screen



CP offers in house events such as cocktail night's guest mixologists or cooking nights with guest chefs etc. CP guests are also able te create events amongst each other such as cooking nighs in communal kitchens or social gatherings in one of many rec rooms crowne plaza has to offer.


user profile.



each guest will be paired up with potential roomies through profile matches. guests can view each other's profile, send a message, invite to CP events and more.