the brief.

design branding and a set of motion graphic templates for one of five themes; music, film, graphic design, gaming and nature. chosen theme: music.

the focus of the brief is on commercial applications of motion graphics in the application of motion and sound in the execution of opening titles, idents, bumpers and bugs. demonstrate  motion graphic design skill such as timing, video editing, working with 3d and basic three dimensional practice such as texturing, dynamics shape and form.

targeted audience.

chaos is mainly targeted at young adults. the channel contain music with strong language and explicit visuals.

the problem.

youtubers are in need of a channel where they can find music videos with unique visuals that blow their mind.

the solution.

choas is a youtube music channel showcasing all the crazy in the music industry. from chaotic music videos to the making of your favourite music videos. chaos is the music channel to stimulate both your eyes and your ears. with various 3d executions and illustrations, choas keeps its audience entertained.


logo iterations.

youtube channel mockup.


bumper 02.


play in.

play out.


bug applied.